About Us

The dream of four gentlemen, that of forming an association of friends who have the Maltese-Spanish Culture at heart, started to take form when Mr. John Micallef shared these views with Chev. Vincent Azzopardi, Mr. Antonio Grech and Mr. Antonio Farrugia. They were all very enthusiastic about the idea and they immediately decided upon a date to start working on it.

The much important date was the 12th March, 1984 and the venue was Mr. Micallef’s residence at Sta. Rita, Three Churches Street, Balzan.

On that day it was decided to form the Association which had to be apolitical and non-profit making.

From then onwards it was all hard work to prepare the statutes to be discussed and finally approved at the first general meeting. Three other gentlemen joined forces, Mr. Michael Spiteri, Mr. Saviour Micallef and Mr. George W. Schembri. Out of their own pockets these pioneers financed the stationery and all that was necessary to make the first General Meeting a success.

This meeting, which was given a wide coverage by the local media, was held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana on Sunday 24th June, 1984.

On that same day 70 persons were enrolled as members, who later on elected the first Junta Directiva and approved the statutes of the Círculo.


At the first meeting of the newly elected Committee, the following responsibilities were given:

  • President Antonio Farrugia
  • Vice-President Saviour Micallef
  • Secretary John Micallef
  • Treasurer Vincent Azzopardi
  • Teaching Co-ordinator Antonio Grech
  • Members George W. Schembri & Mikiel Spiteri

Hon. President was Chev. J.P. Vassallo while as Spiritual Director Mgr. Lawrence Gatt was chosen.

The first three meetings were held at the Secretary’s residence. Later on meetings were held at 87, Archbishop’s Street,Valletta, kindly lent by the Vice-President Mr. Saviour Micallef. Meetings were also held at the Emigrants’ Commission at Castille Place, Valletta.

After several petitions from the Junta Directiva to the Spanish Embassy in Malta, on the 31st May 1988 H.E. Don Vicente Girbau León, Ambassador for Spain to Malta, offered the use of the premises at 45/4, St. Zachary Street, Valletta to the Círculo.

As years passed by and the activities of the Círculo became more frequent and the number of members increased, there was no other way but to look for other premises, which took years. Finally, on Friday, 28th April, 2000, the Junta Directiva rented new premises. – 18A/5, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Valletta.

After long discussions, the Embassy of Spain in Rome generously accepted to pay the lease, and H.E. Don José de Carvajal,, Ambassador for Spain to Malta, inaugurated the premises on the 11th January, 2001.

First meeting

On Sunday 3rd December 2006, the members during the Annual General Meeting held at 87 a/5, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli approved the new statutes. Consequently the words Circulo/Ghaqda were replaced by Centro/Centru. As from this date, our Association officially is to be known as Centro Cultural Hispano – Maltes – Centru Kulturali Spanjoli-Malti.

The aims of the organization are:

  • Enlarging the already existing friendship between the people of Malta and Spain.
  • To enhance the Cultural and Educational exchanges between the two countries.
  • To promote the teaching of the Spanish language.



President, Director of Studies & Promoter of Culture : Chiara Felice

Secretary & Public Relations Officer : Josephine Frendo

Treasurer, Premises Administrator & Librarian: Mario Felice

Vice President & Social Activities co-ordinator: Maria Micallef Grimaud

Assistant Course  Co-ordinator &  Editor of El Eslabón: Lorna Borg Debattista

The following were nominated as Hon. Presidents

Prof. Peter Vassallo

Mr. Antonio Farrugia

Sr. Don Ricardo Sicluna Lletget

Mr. John Micallef

Non-executive positions

Legal Counsellors: Dr. Tatiana Bonnici LLD; Dr.Frans Micallef LL.D

Website Administrator: Jean Galea

Spiritual Director: Mgr. Lawrence Gatt

Auditors: Peter Calleya, Philip Micallef

Gozo Representative: Dr. Stephen Vassallo M.D

Maltese-Spanish Philatelic/ Numismatic Club: Chairperson–John Micallef

Please click here to read the statute.