Spanish Language Classes

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Director of Studies is Ms Chiara Felice, who can be contacted either by e-mail – or phone on 21230815 or 21416669

Information about our courses :

Summer Courses : Introductory Courses in the months of June , July, August and September. Each Course is spread over 5 weeks with two lessons per week, each lesson is of two hours duration .

Winter Courses : Bookings are taken during the last 2 weeks of September. Lessons begin in October and a variety of course is available :

Year 1 – This is the beginners’ Class. One Lesson per week with a choice of 5 days as it usually takes place every day Monday to Friday. All you have to do is choose one day you prefer and book for it.

Year 2 – This is the O Level Class. One Lesson per week with a choice of 2 days.

Year 3 – This year is a consolidation on the O Level class and a preparation for the MATSEC A Level class.

A Level – This is the class which prepares the student for Matsec A Level. It takes place on two days each week .

Conversation – levels Intermediate and Advanced
This class is run entirely in Spanish . The student will have ample opportunity to practise her/his Spanish . Students are tested for their level.

Post Advanced Course – Español Superior. A course intended for students with an A level standard of Spanish aiming at preparing for DELE examination. [ held if the adequate number of students is reached ]. Classes once a week.

Tourist Guides Course –The orientation of this course is related to tourism based subjects, such as history, archeology, architecture, etc. It includes 4 different on-site visits. Students are usually already qualified guides who know Spanish and wish to perfect their ‘ guiding in Spanish’ techniques, to sit for the Spanish Language Proficiency test by MTA. Classes once a week.

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