Interesting Links

Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is the official Spanish institution commissioned to disseminate the use and study of Spanish language and culture around the world.

Diplomas DELE

Information about The Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language ‘Diploma Español Lengua Extranjera’ (DELE) are official qualificatons, which prove your level of proficiency in the Spanish language

Aula Virtual Cervantes

Aula Virtual de Español (AVE). AVE is an interactive Internet course specifically designed by the Instituto Cervantes for distance learning, using state of the art technology combined with the latest language teaching methods.

Centro Virtual Cervantes

The Centro Virtual Cervantes is the Internet-based branch of the Instituto Cervantes. It provides online access to publications, articles, research papers, classical works, studies and conference material on a wide range of subjects dealing with Hispanic Studies, Literature, History, Art, Cultural Studies, and Philology.

Portal del Hispanismo

Information about Hispanic Studies worldwide, scholarships etc

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes offers free access to literary works in Spanish, alongside resources related to Humanities, Sciences, Medicine, Philosophy, Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Economics, Law, History and Geography, Library Sciences, Fine Arts and much more.

Cervantes TV

Spanish Language and Culture TV by Instituto Cervantes

Real Academia de la Lengua Española

Royal Academy of the Spanish Language

University of Malta – Department of Spanish

University of Malta – Spanish section

Amigos de Malta

Casa del Libro

Spain’s major online bookstore


Spanish Tourism Authority [ available in several Languages]

Teatru Manoel

German Maltese Circle

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Italian institute of Culture

Alliance Francaise de Malte

French Alliance of Malta

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Italian institute of Culture

National Geographic History in Spanish

Travel online magazine

Physical and mental well-being


Reports and analysis magazine for ICT enthusiasts

Made in Spain

MadeinSpain Ltd es una empresa recién formada que importa y comercializa los productos españoles en Malta.